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An Air Station in California was experiencing inverter shut down due to switching transients from the utility company. After the Applied Energy Solution the problem ceased and so far has not returned after a few years allowing the flight line to operate without interruption.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A communications tower in Alaska was loosing diodes, circuit boards and occasionally the transformer. With the Applied Energy Solution added no more problems after more than four years which is critical because that tower is the communication tower for the entire Alaskan fishing fleet.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

An automotive component manufacturing facility in Michigan with hundreds of cnc machines had production downtime exceeding 30% due to voltage instability and noisy power requiring the outsourcing of the machining of the components at $11.00 each. The facility had installed 139 three-phase TVSS units and 150 single-phase TVSS units however they did not provide a solution to this problem. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the plant production immediately increased from an average of 775 parts per cell of machines to 1150 per cell per shift. With 12 machining cells x 3 shifts the payback was less than a week

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A Michigan based component machining plant with cnc, plc, VFD spindle and servo drives had a high rate of motor burn-outs (24 three-phase motors from 7.5 to 30 hp in 3 months) and catastrophic power supply failures (19 x $2,000.00 ea) and control lockups. The machinery had a high amount of downtime also due to drive and control lockup. Additional machinery had to be installed to meet production needs. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the plant production immediately increased, the drive faults and control lockups stopped immediately and the motor, PLC, drive and CNC failures stopped as well. The additional machinery was no longer needed and overtime was reduced.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A component machining facility in Michigan with (24) 3 axis CNC machines for making automotive drive chassis components had a high amount of downtime due to operator station, PLC, CNC lockups and drive faults. The facility had an electronics lab manned 2 shifts with 4 technicians to repair control equipment. Each machine had a delta-wye isolation transformer and each drive had line reactors and each control had a UPS. Each of the machines also had a three-phase and single-phase TVSS. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the control lockup and other faults stopped and the machinery was able to meet production with an increase from 50 to 85% uptime. The electronics lab now has only 2 technicians to support the entire 5-plant complex.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A major agricultural product supplier had computer controlled process equipment lockup, large motor failures every few months and electronic air compressor monitoring and control faults causing the complete facility to shut down and unscheduled production downtime causing overtime to be scheduled. The average cost of each occurrence of these catastrophic failures was over $15,000.00. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the control lockup, computer issues and motor burnouts stopped and now they generally can meet their production requirements in a 4 day work week.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A Michigan automotive tool and die manufacturing facility had (3) new machines installed in their facility and each machine would not operate as all the drives would fault. New electrical control and drive equipment did not resolve the problem. It was discovered that the phase voltages had a voltage imbalance of over 35%. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the machines came up and ran without problems.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A power house servicing a large automotive complex in Michigan supplies all the steam to heat the facility and compressed air for the production equipment. The VFD for a large exhaust fan would trip off line 2 to 4 times per shift due to noisy power caused by arcing ground-faults requiring all employees to evacuate building until the smoke cleared. This would cause the entire facility to stop production periodically. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the power house equipment ran without faulting and the problem has not returned.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A Michigan based concrete pipe manufacturing facility had arcing ground-faults causing air compressor monitoring control lockups and catastrophic electronic circuit board and display monitor failures costing over $2,000.00 for hardware plus replacement costs and cost associated to production downtime. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the air compressor has not faulted and no further control or display problems.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A Michigan based semiconductor manufacturing facility had problems with a waste water pumping station alarming and faulting dozens of times per week due to electrical issues caused by unstable phase voltages powered from an open-delta bank of (2) single-phase transformers. The unmanned remote pumping station had drive fault issues and this would shut down the facility when they were not reset in a timely manner. With the Applied Energy Solution added to the power system the phase voltages were balanced and the drives did not fault saving downtime costs.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

On a recent renovation project, installing Applied Energy Equipment proved to be a significantly cost effective alternative to installing surge suppression devices on each of 58 electrical panels. Estimated cost avoidance $100,000. In the restructuring of the company the installation was moved to a new location. The Applied Energy products were also moved eliminating the need to purchase new equipment adding to the savings.

-Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant, Michigan-

A wastewater treatment plant’s UV building was experiencing constant equipment failures due to transient voltage surges, with their most recent loss being a burned-out power transformer.

After applying the Phaseback solution, the built-in ground fault detector showed that within one month of installation, Phaseback had already prevented 96 transient events. Thanks to Phaseback, equipment failures in this facility due to transient surges are nothing more than a distant memory.

 Date of Posting: 13 February 2018

Posted By: Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant 


“A leaky roof and a Buss Plug do not mix.

Usually when this would happen it would take days to identify the damaged components and replace them if the parts were available.

No more, with Phaseback the Buss Plug was replaced, the breaker closed and every machine started back up. No scrambled programs and not one circuit board damaged.”

 Date of Posting: 14 January 2015

Posted By: Mid Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Plant 


“Aboard the Global 1200,

At 10:30AM this morning, off the coast of Venezuela, the 12,000-ton, 2,500kW crane VSD developed a ground fault while in operation.

The VSGR at the 5,500kVA switchboard, source for the crane, alarmed indicating a ground fault. When the magnitude increased, the VSGR opened the two, 2,000A crane input breakers. The ship sustained no damage.

Our design worked just fine!

Regards all,”

Date of Posting: 13 January 2015
Posted By: Global 1200
Global 1200

Here is a quick synopsis of my recent job using Phaseback solutions to restore system balance and provide arc-flash prevention.
The site is a commercial maritime vessel used in the off-shore industry. It is heavily dependent on ungrounded voltage systems for service continuity. You can consider this a true, “No-Break” system, which means these voltage systems MUST tolerate phase grounds without danger to personnel, AND WITHOUT allowing loss of control system authority due to the inherent danger to operating equipment and operating personnel. Two arc-flash events occurred recently while electrical workers were in the process of operating large circuit breakers. In each incident, the same breaker failed explosively, initiating the events. Several workers were injured, one seriously.
A total of four Phaseback units were purchased and installed; two on 690v systems and two on 480v systems. The Principle project electrical engineer (from Europe) enthusiastically endorsed my selection, agreeing that if the unit will stabilize the system voltages, then arc-flash events cannot occur. We proved this by installing one 690v unit, and then forcing a ground on one phase. The grounded phase voltage only dropped 2 volts! At this point, four more Phaseback units were purchased for a second vessel of the same design.
A large part of this task was to demonstrate to the ship crew that it was now safe to operate the equipment. The demonstration of Phaseback capabilities did this.
During the remainder of this job, Phaseback saved us two additional times. A large, 2.5MVA VSD system twice suffered catastrophic failure and subsequent grounding of a DC link snubber resistor (375kW). When this happened, since the VSD is powered from the 690v system, the DC went to the ship’s hull and we believe this was the cause of the earlier arc-flashes. The Phaseback was damaged in these events, but was repaired, and credited with preventing possibly major damage to the equipment and injury to personnel.
Thanks, and you have a great product!”

Date of Posting: 16 March 2012
Posted By: Mike McClelland
MEM Power Solutions, LLC

I find myself continually bewildered as to way folks in the Naval electrical community keep missing the concept of what Applied Energy’s Phaseback Unit is all about. Individuals seem to think of Phaseback as a reactive device similar to a surge suppressor [which it’s not], vs. an active device similar to an instantaneous regulator [which it is].
It would appear that many folks seem to think of Phaseback as a high-resistance grounding device [which it is not].
Being the active regulating device that it is [for true Delta configured power supplies], gives cause for the reason Phaseback is able to control hundreds of amperes of fault and imbalanced current [within the Delta connected Phase windings] via a #10 AWG ground reference conductor.
The end result of Phaseback being able to control these high currents within the Delta connected Phase windings has the net effect of controlling damaging voltage transients being applied to both equipment and ground.
At Kodiak, we’ve had one such Delta-Delta/ Phaseback system set up as an isolated power supply. It’s been in use for approximately one year at one of transmitter/ communication facilities with flawless results.
As I’ve mentioned before, we at Kodiak have also acquired two additional
Phaseback Units to be incorporated into our Cutters electrical shoretie services. Once installed, we’re hoping to have independent testing performed for the Pier’s grounding system as well as identifying benefits/ impacts of installed Phaseback Units.

With the limited extra time I have available, if I can be of some assistance
in trying to let others within the Naval community know the potential benefits of Delta-Delta/ Phaseback power supplies, let me know and I’ll try and help as time permits.
Best regards… ALB
It needs to be noted that standard ground-detection-lamp systems will not sense the #10-AWG ground reference conductor of a Phase-Back Unit.
However, some of the newer electronic ground detection monitors will under certain conditions. So appropriate electronic ground detection monitors must be selected when utilizing Phaseback Units.”

Date of Posting: 15 March 2005
Posted By: ALB
CVN Evaluation of Phaseback