Permanently Prevents Arc Flash Injuries & Fatalities!

The VSGR is the world’s only energy-saving, energy-efficient, future-proof, harmonic noise eliminating, ground fault/arc flash preventing, lightning arresting, EMP mitigating, voltage stabilizing system. If Phaseback isn’t already installed where you work, ask your manager: Why not?

The patented VSGR applies instant corrections to any phase that is out of balance, and protects against power surges of any magnitude in all power systems up to 230KV.

With 15 years of continuous, fault-free operation in numerous applications, Applied Energy proudly presents the following offer (U.S. only): If it is determined that the Phaseback VSGR has not solved the power quality problems you’ve described to us, simply return the unit within 30 days, and we will cancel the invoice, minus the round trip freight charges.


Reduces the potential for arc flash by over 85%.




  • Mitigates the potential for arc flash
  • Prevents arcing ground faults
  • Eliminates voltage spikes from internal or external sources
  • Corrects phase voltage imbalance
  • Prevents phase loss due to high impedance grounds
  • Restores phase angle differential
  • Prevents phase voltage instability
  • Minimizes phase voltage harmonics
  • Corrects waveform distortion
  • Cleans up noisy ground reference and frequency instability
  • Increases operational efficiency


Applied Energy LLC was awarded “The Top Power Electronics Solution Provider In 2021”

It is a great day for Applied Energy LLC as we have been voted the #1 as “The Top Power Electronics Solution Provider In 2021″ Here is a quick snippet of the featured cover of the magazine we were featured in at: semiconductorreview.com.

“For years, businesses have been utilizing short-term solutions to eliminate their power-related issues; but the outcomes have remained far from optimum. This is where Phaseback VSGR promises a feasible way forward,” says Bill Hinton, Director Of Engineering, Applied Energy. Clients can install it anywhere in their facilities within 100 feet of the power transformer, and power quality issues will be nothing more than a distant memory.By using the Phaseback VSGR to control the voltage with respect to ground, there will be up to an 85 percent reduction in phase voltage harmonics, phase voltage imbalance, voltage vector misalignment, and voltage spikes from all sources – internal and external. More importantly, after balancing the voltages and correcting the power issues, there will be tangible, permanent energy savings, which reflects positively and directly on clients’ electric bills.”

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