Phaseback DC Choke

A Full-Range Harmonic Filter


Thanks to its unique design, the Phaseback DC Choke is not constrained by the limitations of typical chokes it filters AC noise at all frequencies

Shown: The Phaseback DC Choke removes every harmonic frequency above DC through 296,829 Hz

Phaseback DC Choke

Immediate Applications

In industrial VFDs, it will minimize harmonics generated back onto the line, a serious issue most industries deal with daily.
In UPS systems, it will remove the AC which causes damage and shortens battery life, from the DC link and on power systems which supply DC to various numbers of individual loads.

DC crane drives and controls for safer, smoother operation.

Reduces the combined total of the AC noise from the power system, decreasing power loss and allowing additional devices to be powered from the power supply.

Electric cars for smoother operation and increased reliability.

Battery charger for electric cars to remove the AC from affecting the DC power.

Other Applications

The Phaseback DC Choke is perfectly scalable

Allows the same basic design and function for thousands of applications

From nano-technology to DC power systems in large ocean vessels

MRI machines could benefit from a design which no longer requires special cooling systems

Could help protect space probes and orbiting vessels from power spikes and uncontrolled power issues far from home

Some of our R&D applications include:

  • Increase CPU frequency limits and reduce heat
  • Using a secondary coil to recover the EM fields and convert them to usable energy
  • Adding a toroidal core for miniature circuits, explore effects of various materials
  • Explore the heat-less magnetic generation effects for MRIs and other EM devices uses in Nano-Technology