Plastics manufacturing

A Plastics manufacturing facility in mid-Michigan was having variable frequency drive faults, capacitor failure, drive failure and control lockup causing a high amount of lost production and expensive downtime. The power quality test revealed a high harmonic content, voltage spikes, phase voltage imbalances and DC offset raising the phase voltages.

The solution was to install a Phaseback VSGR into the power system and remove all other power the existing unreliable and ineffective power filters as they were wasting a significant amount of energy. Each wave-trap filter was using over 400 amps at 480 volts from the 3-phase power system.

The results were amazing with a 2 month payback the Phaseback VSGR balanced and equalized the phase voltages, removed the DC offset and eliminated the harmonics issue while using less than 1 amp of current. The electrical equipment now runs reliably, cooler and more energy efficiently.